Melissae Fellet

They may be tiny, but electrons certainly are mighty. Electrons glue atoms together, carry messages through our computers, and tumble through proteins to help plants harness light energy to make sugar.

As a science writer, I pull these powerful electrons and twitchy particles from their invisible, often abstract, home in chemistry, physics and computer models into our world of medicine, machines and materials. I track those electrons through wires to uncover the inner workings of robots, algorithms and nanotechnology. And I analyze how electron-driven technology like mobile phones and crime forecasting programs influence society. I am based in Santa Cruz, California, about 40 miles south of Silicon Valley.

My work has appeared in New Scientist, Chemical & Engineering News, Ars Technica and KQED QUEST. My multimedia experience includes producing radio news stories and still photography.

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© 2012, Melissae Fellet. Image © 2012, Layla Lang.